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FOMOfanz is simplifying the complex and translating the geek speak to cure your fear of missing out.  Hosted by Brian Fanzo, Founder of iSocialFanz, global millennial keynote speaker, and change evangelist.  Brian leverages his 9 years working in cyber security for the Department of Defense, his 2 years in cloud computing and social business combined with the past 4 years as an international keynote speaker and CEO of a social media strategy agency to share a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.  Brian is best known by @iSocialFanz the personal brand he’s grown to over 250k followers while being a proud Millennial and Dad of three girls.  FOMOfanz leverages Brian’s Think Like A Fan philosophy to provide unique access for his community live streaming the podcast each while being a daily content creator on SnapchatInstagramFacebook Live and Periscope.  Brian also co-hosts a podcast called SMACtalk with Daniel Newman which focuses on social, mobile, analytics and cloud that’s in it’s 4th year.  

Nov 30, 2016

On this episode, I change it up as I had the chance to interview a 14 year old entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and leadership disruptor Caleb Maddix.

Caleb and I feel like good friends because we're connected on every social channel and both share a passion for motivating others and documenting it on every social media network we can.  On this episode we cover all kinds of topics from life-work balance to social media value to leadership to what him and his Dad have planned and how he always stays motivated and passionate.  

There is so much packed in this interview you just have to listen to the show and then check out Caleb’s links and bio below.  Also make sure to sign up for the FOMOfanz weekly update as the first update was sent earlier today.

Who is Caleb Maddix?

Caleb Maddix teaches kids and teens that age is just a number. Caleb is 14 Years old and is the Author of a best selling book called "Keys to Success for Kids!" He is also the CEO of a company called Kids 4 Success. Caleb has shared the stage with speakers like, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Kevin Harrington, Darren Hardy, and soon to be Tony Robbins. He has quickly been granted the title "The Next Tony Robbins" this is because of the fact he has helped multiple kids who were contemplating suicide turn their life around and get back on track. The young superstar has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Caleb also appeared on a national television show that had over 8 million viewers. He has had dozens of viral videos and reaches millions of people a week. Caleb was also voted in "2016's Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers on the Planet."

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What is FOMO Fanz?

For the longest time I was making it my goal as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker and tech geek to help my clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation that I use everyday. But most people don’t like change let alone have the time to stay on top of everything therefore living or embracing this fear is scary.  

I translate geek-speak and with this show I will give you insights and updates going on with the latest gadgets, technology, social media trends and more.  My mission is to help cure your FOMO ultimately helping you enjoy a life full of the “Fun of Missing Out” or better yet JOMO “Joy of Missing Out”