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FOMOfanz: Curing Your Fear Of Missing Out! Tech, Entrepreneurship, Millennial Mindset

I love technology and change but I’ve learned that not everyone does!  For the longest time I was making it my goal as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker and tech geek to help my clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation that I use everyday. But most people don’t like change let alone have the time to stay on top of everything therefore living or embracing this fear is scary.  

I translate geek-speak and with this show I will give you insights and updates going on with the latest gadgets, technology, social media trends and more.  My mission is to help cure your FOMO ultimately helping you enjoy a life full of the “Fun of Missing Out” or better yet JOMO “Joy of Missing Out”

Nov 28, 2016

iSocialFanzMy name is Brian Fanzo better known as iSocialFanz and I couldn’t be more excited to launch my first solo podcast.  On this episode I explain the format of the show, What F.O.M.O. is and why the show is called FOMOfanz while also giving you a little bit about my background.  

  1. Weekly Podcast with some weeks having more episodes, show homepage is
  2. Focus of this show isn’t about invoking the fear of missing out rather helping others not have to suffer and giving the audience unique insights and up to date reviews of new products, technology and social media.
  3. Rolling with the punches will be the theme of this show as it will be recorded live on and episodes will be at a minimum weekly with some weeks that invoke more FOMO having as many as 3 episodes.  The topics will range from technology trends to the coolest new gadget to new features in digital marketing.  Brian has a background full of Change and this show will be no different.


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F.O.M.O. = Fear Of Missing Out

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