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FOMOfanz: Curing Your Fear Of Missing Out! Tech, Entrepreneurship, Millennial Mindset

I love technology and change but I’ve learned that not everyone does!  For the longest time I was making it my goal as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker and tech geek to help my clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation that I use everyday. But most people don’t like change let alone have the time to stay on top of everything therefore living or embracing this fear is scary.  

I translate geek-speak and with this show I will give you insights and updates going on with the latest gadgets, technology, social media trends and more.  My mission is to help cure your FOMO ultimately helping you enjoy a life full of the “Fun of Missing Out” or better yet JOMO “Joy of Missing Out”

Feb 28, 2017

Compartmentalization is a big word, and not one that I hear talked about that much, and maybe that's because everyone out there is like me and had to Google how to spell it.  But I believe too much focus is on prioritization, having a niche and focusing on goals and tasks without the mention of compartmentalization and...

Feb 21, 2017

4 New Apps for Entrepreneurs to Build Their Personal Brand! #FOMOFanz 018

Every entrepreneur I know is working hard as squeezing as much value as the possibly can out of the 168 hours they have each week.  So when entrepreneurs here guru’s or speakers like myself talking about investing in their personal brand they...

Feb 15, 2017

Influencer Marketing is growing in focus for brands but the INFLUENCERS as well as the BRANDS have so much to learn!

On this episode I talk about the latest drama with PewDiePie & Disney as YouTube’s biggest star gets kicked and deserved it but Disney should get kicked too!

Link from The Guardian mentioned on the...

Feb 8, 2017

I couldn't hold back any longer....  

This is a full on 100% RANT episode about live video!

I couldn't hold back any longer....  This is a full on 100% RANT episode about live video! I couldn't hold back any longer as I figured 16 episodes in was a good time to share my unfiltered thoughts on the current state of live...