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FOMOfanz is simplifying the complex and translating the geek speak to cure your fear of missing out.  Hosted by Brian Fanzo, Founder of iSocialFanz, global millennial keynote speaker, and change evangelist.  Brian leverages his 9 years working in cyber security for the Department of Defense, his 2 years in cloud computing and social business combined with the past 4 years as an international keynote speaker and CEO of a social media strategy agency to share a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.  Brian is best known by @iSocialFanz the personal brand he’s grown to over 250k followers while being a proud Millennial and Dad of three girls.  FOMOfanz leverages Brian’s Think Like A Fan philosophy to provide unique access for his community live streaming the podcast each while being a daily content creator on SnapchatInstagramFacebook Live and Periscope.  Brian also co-hosts a podcast called SMACtalk with Daniel Newman which focuses on social, mobile, analytics and cloud that’s in it’s 4th year.  

Dec 29, 2016

A podcast curing the “Fear Of Missing Out” has to change up traditional prediction shows by not only providing optimistic 2017 predictions but also predictions around what we FEAR will happen in 2017.

Here are preview of my bold predictions, listen to this episode to get context and background on why and what these changes will look like in 2017.

  1. Social Media budgets will be moved out of marketing departments.
  2. Live Video chaos will continue to increase for the first 6 months of the year but then...
  3. Video Marketing and Live VIdeo are essential and the key gateway into AR and VR.
  4. Mobile consumer purchases will be transformed away from the device or smartphone itself towards…
  5. Entrepreneurship will be exposed as being less sexy and this will impact businesses in a good way because…

If you want to know my FEARS for 2017 you’ll have to listen to the podcast but I cover a wide range of things from Twitter to exploding iPhone 8 to Donald Trump crutch to thought leader and professional keynote speaker industry disruption.

I Recorded this episode on Dec 29th the 1 month anniversary of the launch and I was fired up to share my thoughts on the future and the live streaming audience added some great comments turning this episode into my longest episode so far.  

I tried to cover topics and insights that you won’t hear or read in other prediction posts including my predictions on the future of entrepreneurship, social media budgets, connection between live video and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and much more.


Soundbytes and topics cover on this episode:

  • I explain why I call myself a “pager-wearing millennial” and explain how users and consumers have changed.
  • Talked about my new focus on #BeYourself and a preview of the keynotes, workshops and swag coming soon for my community.
  • Consumers are smart, they live in an on demand world and have outsmarted marketers and advertisers.
  • Robert Scoble a must follow for augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Importance of understanding vulnerabilities and the variables required to create content of the future around live video, 360 video and AR/VR.
  • More devices, gadgets and innovation around smartphones could lead to more exploding batteries and devices in 2017.
  • Impact artificial intelligence and device like Alexa, Ok Google and Siri on device needs of consumers.
  • Failure in entrepreneurship will become more common which will change how businesses embrace the entrepreneur mindset giving employees less incentive of leaving to go on their own.


Breaking News Segment:

  • No technology or innovation in 2017 will fix stupidity or stop bad content creation.


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