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FOMOfanz: Cure Your Fear Of Missing Out!

Turning FOMO into JOMO by curing your Technology, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship Fear of Missing Out! F.O.M.O. Fanz is hosted by Brian Fanzo aka @iSocialFanz known as a Change Evangelist working with brands to embrace change and leverage new digital social media technology.  His background in cybersecurity for the DoD and social business give him a unique perspective on a wide range of topics from technology to digital marketing to live streaming video to entrepreneurship to millennials.  

Apr 28, 2017

You won't believe the change, adversity and shit that's happened to me over the last week....

The crazy part was it took until till the most recent issue on STAGE giving a keynote here in Denmark, to realize I forgot how to handle change and the importance of rolling with the punches!!

On this episode I talk about "Rolling With The Punches" and analyzing my mistakes so hopefully we can all handle change, life and shit better as we are moving forward in a digital world full of change!

Sometimes your slides look like this and you just have to roll with it!