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FOMOfanz: Curing Your Fear Of Missing Out! Tech, Entrepreneurship, Millennial Mindset

I love technology and change but I’ve learned that not everyone does!  For the longest time I was making it my goal as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker and tech geek to help my clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation that I use everyday. But most people don’t like change let alone have the time to stay on top of everything therefore living or embracing this fear is scary.  

I translate geek-speak and with this show I will give you insights and updates going on with the latest gadgets, technology, social media trends and more.  My mission is to help cure your FOMO ultimately helping you enjoy a life full of the “Fun of Missing Out” or better yet JOMO “Joy of Missing Out”

Apr 4, 2017

Had a great time at SXSW and I’ve been working with John Furrier and the team over at theCube for years so when I was asked to jump on stage at the IntelAi booth and kick off SXSW 2017 with John I jumped at the opportunity.  Below is a write-up about our discussion including the video interview that I did around Artificial Intelligence and the future of work while wearing my Snapchat Spectacles.

— Written by Eric David of SiliconAngle

The dream of artificial intelligence has been alive for about as long as we have had computers, if not longer, and thanks to recent advancements in hardware and machine learning, that dream is now more real than ever. And it has potential not only as a business tool but as something that can benefit the entire human race, from curing cancer to improving life for the visually impaired.


At this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas, one of the big trends was AI for social good, and Brian Fanzo (pictured), founder and chief executive of iSocialFanz LLC, sat down with theCUBE host John Furrier at the Intel AI Lounge to talk about the role of technology in today’s socially conscious world.

According to Fanzo, the modern consumer has high expectations for what technology can do, and those expectations are shaping the future of the tech industry.

“I think today’s generation has a bigger megaphone and is not afraid to say what they want,” Fanzo said. “And because now we have all the data, they’re not afraid to share that data and we’re being much more transparent, allowing people to be a little more authentic with what they’re sharing. We now have the opportunity to really shape new technology based on more data than we’ve ever had, more understanding of our consumers than we’ve ever had. I like to say that the consumer’s no longer dumb, therefore we have to start really pushing the boundaries.”

Watch video of interview here:

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Brian's Technology Background: 

Brian is a proud dad of three girls under the age of 7, a Pittsburgh loving sports fan, a self-proclaimed change evangelist which makes sense as the one constant in this pager wearing millennials career has been changing.  Brian is a proud geek that majored in computer science that found his niche of translating geekspeak” while working 9 years for the DoD in Cybersecurity.

Brian's DoD career includes leading a team of 30+ developers & trainers with a mission of training, implementing and developing solutions that empowered the different branches of the military to share and collaborate leveraging social business tools their cyber security policies and procedures.  If that doesn’t sound tough enough Brian’s role included 2 trips to Afghanistan & 3 to Iraq while also briefing the joint chiefs of staff at the pentagon.  Brian discovered his love for workshops, training and speaking while at the DoD for which he leveraged in his next job as the Technology Evangelist of a booming datacenter startup based out of phoenix Arizona was known as IOdatacenters. 

Read more about Brian's background here!